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TBW New York Rally

Below are images from our New York Rally. Click the thumbnails to enlarge.


TBW Freedom Ride

Below are images from our Freedom Ride. Click the thumbnails to enlarge.


TBW Anti-Abortion Billboards

Below are various anti-abortion billboards. Click the thumbnails to enlarge.


Press Conference & Legislative Breakfast

Below are images from our Press Conference & Legislative Breakfast. Click the thumbnails to enlarge.


"For Colored Girls" Premiere

SisterSong and Trust Black Women partnered with Tyler Perry and Lionsgate to offer a limited, national engagement pre-screening of For Colored Girls in select cities throughout the country and served as a fundraiser Trust Black Women.

Trust Black Women is a partnership of Black women from many different organizations, regions, and religious backgrounds developed in 2010. TBW works to ensure that Black women have the human right to make our own decisions about our reproductive lives, and that we should never regret difficult choices based on our complicated experiences. We don't judge women -- we leave that to our opponents. We demand that everyone trust Black women to be make important moral decisions for ourselves, our families and our communities. It's a matter of Reproductive Justice.

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"For Colored Girls" Premiere"For Colored Girls" Premiere"For Colored Girls" Premiere"For Colored Girls" Premiere"For Colored Girls" Premiere"For Colored Girls" Premiere

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